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The Midnight Gospel Discuss What Comes After the Apocalypse

If you are at all a fan of Duncan Trussell, or his podcast Duncan Trussell Family Hour, you know he has a great and very distinctive voice.  In fact, his voice sounds so good that he didn't have to alter it one bit when he became the voice of "Clancy Gilroy", in his new Netflix series, The Midnight Gospel.  

Of course, seeing how the dialogue from the show is taken straight from episodes of his podcast, it wouldn't make sense to change his voice.  We believe that Trussell's signature, gravely, a high pitched voice could have been the inspiration for Pendelton Ward to turn the podcast into an animated series. We can all agree, there is something about the way Trussell delivers his thoughts, that help us see he is divinely linked to his character Clancy and the amazing world of the Chromatic Ribbon.  The Chromatic Ribbon is where Clancy has escaped to and is the dimension where The Midnight Gospel takes place. 

Duncan has been quoted as comparing Clancy to a little brother, a statement that Trussell says, "sounds completely insane".  Trussell has admitted there are times, usually when he's a little extra baked, where he wonders if this show may have been channeled to him.  "Is this something that literally came from the chromatic Ribbon"? Is there a chromatic ribbon?  If so, is there a Clancy? When speaking to Trussell, it can be hard to differentiate the man from the character but it's these provoking and some would say, "Out there", questions that make The Midnight Gospel one of the most thought-provoking programs to be released in a very a long time.  While it attempts to meditate on reality, this amazing series jumps back and forth from the metaphysical to philosophical concepts, and then the cherry on top is it being wrapped in this animated, technicolor world of craziness.

Many have found the show and subjects Trussell addresses to be too overwhelming to take in the entire season in one sitting.  Most people recommend taking a break between episodes to reflect, debate, and analyze the subjects.  The other great debate is whether you should be under-the-influence when watching and if so, which drug will provide the best experience.  Duncan has said he wished viewers would conduct surveys about which drugs go best with the show and then curate the results online for public knowledge. This is a survey we can get behind!

We have found that the ability of The Midnight Gospel to get under the skin of viewers is definitely one of its strongest assets and can leave viewers with a feeling of soul-affirming, astonishing, or simply life-changing.  Trussell has come out about this and said that all of these are by design and he pulled from an "amalgamation of archetypal symbols that were intentionally woven into every episode", now that's deep!

The one thing this show is able to do is hit a balance that really allows for a transporting experience, and it doesn't fail to really touch home with the audience.  The Midnight Gospel was created by hundreds of artist and this really allowed the team to explore universal experiences in a way that has really been able to open up these creative channels and give this project it's the best chance at completing what it set out to do.  

Duncan has said that the show's "reflective" quality was something that just couldn't be manufactured.  "This is what I love about tarot cards," Duncan squeals from the same thought process we find Clancy having.  "They're just a way that you can see aspects of your psyche, the same ones a great therapist helps you see, or that psychedelics can help you see.  If you create enough of a mystery, if you create enough of a chaotic situation visually, and you do it in a way that isn't too jarring, it produces a kind of mirror that people can start seeing themselves in."  This is the kind of thoughtful reflection and the driven view we see from Duncan but missing from Clancy.  

Viewers have shared experiences with the show that is very deeply personal and individual.  Being that it can produce many different feelings and can be interpreted in many different ways, Duncan hesitates to attempt to interpret any of the meaning of the show.  He has no problem summarizing the first season as a reflection on death and annihilation, and no doubt as a precursor to something better in the next season. Duncan said, "if we get to do a second season, I'd really like to explore genesis, creation, resurrection, what's often called crossing the abyss.  We did a pretty great job of exploring the apocalypse, but after an apocalypse, you've gotta have a genesis".  It's this kind of thought-provoking muse that makes us really hope Duncan and Pendelton will be picked up for the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth season!  

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